“Tell me about yourself”: Personal Brand

personalbrandUse this exercise to explain who you are in a concise, six-word professional description that sets you apart from other job seekers and communicates why you are the best candidate for the job.


  1. Brainstorm for 3-5 minutes
  2. Write down adjectives and nouns identifying skills and personality and character traits
  3. Construct two or more six-word statements
  4. Discuss these statements with your advisor, mentor, or a Career Services staff member
  5. Explain your statements and how they relate to skills, personality and character
  6. Choose or revise your description to fit your career objective

Use your statement(s) on your resume and/or cover letter or to answer interview questions.


  • “Enthusiastic Registered Nurse who is a compassionate home-care provider”
  • “Driven, experienced accountant and a ¬†detail-oriented organizer”
  • “Educator with a love for students, creativity, and life-long learning”
  • “Dedicated musician who consistently strives for excellent practice and performance”


“Why Personal Branding is Essential for Getting a Job”–from Careerealism.com, May 2014