Succeed the First Year on the Job

12Steps1stYearSuccessThe first year at your new job may possibly be the most important year of your career.  Being a time of significant transition from college to career, this year often sets the tone for years to come.  Your first year can be great, but it also has the potential to be a trial if you do not know some key basics for success.  So the question remains, how do you make a successful transition from the college classroom to the work desk?

1.  Be thankful.  Remember throughout the first year that the Lord has placed you in this job and you are there to serve those around you.  As with anything new in life, there are going to be some trials and disappointments.  It is very likely that some of the negative aspects of the job were left out during the interviewing process.   Remain thankful anyway and praise the Lord for where He has placed you.  Maintain a servant’s heart and you will find yourself making a positive impact and transition during this new stage in life.

2.  Be kind.  It will be essential in your first year to learn the culture of your workplace.  Every office has its own personality.  During your first year, you need to figure out what this personality is and where you fit into the scheme.  No matter what, make sure you are being kind to those around you.  Look for ways to help, even if not directly asked.  As the new person on the job, everyone will be looking at you under a microscope, so the little acts of kindness you perform will go a long way for long term success.

3.  Be realistic.  No job is going to be perfect, as well as no individual—much less a group of individuals put together in a setting for 40 hours a week.  There are going to be disagreements, and often times your voice is not going to be heard.  Keep in mind that you are brand new and you probably do not know enough yet to have the best ideas.  Stay humble and learn in this first year how to make your boss and coworkers look better.  Be careful not to develop a critical spirit.

4.  Be patient.  Tasks in your first year can take longer than you expect.  Many times there are extra hoops that you will have to go through to get a task done.  Stay patient and realize that those in authority over you have a certain way and a reason they do things.  Your first year is not the year to try to change how a business has been doing everything.  Speak up when asked, but do not give your opinions for improvement so much that you come off ungrateful or always critical.

In summary, Galatians 5:22-23 will be key verses for you to refer to throughout your first year.  Remember that it is not only you being examined during your first year, but as a Christian, Christ is also being examined.  Exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit daily in your workplace will help make whatever place and type of service you pursue a rewarding experience.  Always keep in mind that He has placed you in a ministry where you are there to serve others for His honor and glory.


College Student vs. Company Employeesuccess
How are they similar?

  • Excellence is expected
  • Communication skills are exercised
  • Hard work is rewarded
  • Promptness and reliability are valued

How are they different?

  • No syllabus or tests
  • Mentoring must be sought out
  • Teamwork is the norm
  • You’re now the rookie

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

–Colossians 3:23

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