Choosing a Major

The choice of a major is one of the more important decisions you are asked to make during your college experience. How can you know for sure that you have made the right decision or if you need to change? As you address this question, consider these important points:

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Students needing advice about a choice of a major and career planning should connect with the Academic Resource Center’s transition advisor.

How Do I Decide?

Search your heart, use your head, and get advice from homeConfused

Search your heart: What is God’s purpose for your life? Are you dedicated to finding it out?

  • Ask God to help you understand His calling for your life
  • Be attentive to what His Word says to you personally
  • Choose to honor Him with your life no matter how or where He leads

Choosing a major is less confusing if you have a godly mission in mind for which to prepare.
(Romans 12:1 & 2)

Use your head: How has God uniquely created you? What are your interests, abilities, and values?

  • Investigate what motivates you and what you believe you can do best to honor God with your life
  • Take ability and interest inventories to help you discover more about yourself
  • Maintain a personal copy of your college transcripts (check sheet) and a list of extra curricular activities
  • Explore various types of employment and what is expected (preparation/skills)
  • Get involved in career-related part-time work
  • Attend recruiting and other career-related events and search the web (Career Central, O*Net, etc.) for employment information

With all of this input, exercise good stewardship over what you discover. – I Peter 4:10-11

Get godly advice from those you trust: What do my parents, pastor, youth pastor, college teachers, and academic advisor think about my plans?

  • Seek out counsel on a one-to-one basis
  • Ask important questions and receive personal advice
  • Talk with experienced employees or employers in your area of interest
    • What do you like most about your position? What do you like least?
    • How did you prepare for this position?
    • What was your college major and minor?
    • What might be a better major and minor combination?
    • If you were to attend college again what would you do differently as far as a major or minor?
    • What would you advise me to do as I consider preparing for this type of employment?
    • How do you determine God’s will?
    • Who else would you recommend that I talk to for advice?
  • Receive a good overview on how each one views your abilities and aspirations
  • Be grateful for who God brings into your life during this process

Trust that He is in control and that His Word is sufficient to provide direction during this important time in your life. II Timothy 3:14-17

Understand that decision-making is a process

Consider each of the following steps as you make important choices; think of it as a refining process. Each step helps you get closer and closer to what God really wants for your life.

  • Collect information about your interests and abilities
  • Make a list of the options you are considering
  • Check out the majors offered in the college catalog
  • Study God’s Word and pray for His guidance
  • Seek out godly advice on the wisdom of each of your options
  • Narrow your choices and seek additional advice and information
  • Understand what academic skills are needed for each particular field of study
  • Choose a major and keep notes on your alternatives
  • Consider one of your alternatives as a minor to complement your major
  • Measure the quality of your decision and reconsider as God leads
  • Seek out godly advice on the wisdom of your choice
  • Continue the process

As you consider your choice, over time you may find that the initial choice was simply foundational to a much more suitable choice. In the process, follow Solomon’s example and pray for discernment; God will bless. I Kings 3:5-10

DecisionAcknowledge God in this process — He’s promised to direct

God will graciously lead as you demonstrate to Him and to others your dependence upon His guidance. This includes “presenting yourself a living sacrifice” as you prepare to serve Him. The major you choose will play an important role in that preparation. Trust that He has your best interests in mind. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Be honest. Don’t give an “acceptable” answer just to look impressive