Academic vs. Non-Academic Internships

Pursuing an internship (either for credit or for non-credit) to gain career-related experience is helpful in preparing for future full-time employment.  If your major offers the option for completing an internship for credit and you want to pursue it for credit, contact your department chair or internship coordinator prior to applying for internshipsYour department chair will assess whether or not an opportunity qualifies as a “for credit” internship and if you meet the eligibility requirements to register for the applicable internship course.

Academic Internships

  • Confirm the opportunity and secure approval with your academic program department head or designated faculty member.
  • Register for the course on StudentCentral and complete course requirements.

Non-Academic Internships

  • In addition to or in lieu of an academic internship, pursuing a non-credit internship provides opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Seek counsel from your faculty advisor on the appropriateness of specific opportunities under consideration.

Time Table

Time Table