Internships & Career-Related Opportunities


  • Confirms your career interest
  • Gives you needed experience
  • Prepares you for a future career
  • Opens doors for a full-time offer

Important Information about Internships

Pursuing an internship (either for credit or for non-credit) to gain career-related experience is helpful in preparing for future full-time employment.  If your major offers the option for completing an internship for credit and you want to pursue it for credit, contact your department chair or internship coordinator prior to applying for internshipsYour department chair will assess whether or not an opportunity qualifies as a “for credit” internship and if you meet the eligibility requirements to register for the applicable internship course.

Academic vs. Non-Academic Internships

Steps for Securing an Internship

Other Career-Related Opportunities


“Building Relevant Work Experience: Getting the Most from Your Internship Experience” — from NACE’s Job Choices, February 2013

“Internships provide direction, experience for career paths”from The Collegian, April 2013

Career Services Resources

What Employers Provide/Expect

  • Internships are usually provided with the understanding that a full-time employment offer may be made based on the success of the internship experience.
  • Desired intern qualities:
    • punctual (arriving to work on time) and prompt (meeting deadlines)
    • trustworthy
    • team-oriented instead of self-focused
    • friendly and personable (possessing good interpersonal skills)
    • flexible
    • creative
    • teachable
  • Interns report to an individual supervisor but may work on a team project.
  • The internship supervisor will provide the designated faculty member with an assessment of your progress if the internship is for academic credit.
  • Whether the internship is for credit or for non-credit, the intern may request a letter of reference from the supervisor stating the quality of the intern’s contribution.
  • Interns are typically paid for their services on an hourly basis at or above minimum wage without any benefits, such as health insurance or vacation days.