4th Year – Performing

A showcase year that:16_20140501english_ed_dc03

  • Narrows your study and major/minor courses
  • Requires wise use of your time
  • Focuses on making wise decisions in light of God’s leading

Graduating Student Checklist


  • Finish strong academically making the best possible grade in each course
  • Seek godly counsel and decide on whether or not to pursue additional education in light of God’s calling
  • If considering graduate school, inquire and apply early to secure acceptance and possible graduate assistantships
  • Take appropriate graduate school admission tests early in the school year
  • Anticipate having to miss class to participate in recruiting events and/or interview for employment or graduate school

Abilities and Interests

  • Use internships and career-related work experiences to confirm your interests
  • Confirm your abilities by taking advanced courses and excelling in major projects and course presentations
  • Consider taking interest and skills inventories for a better understanding of how and where to use your Christian liberal arts preparation

Extracurricular Activities

  • Take on additional responsibilities and learn to balance them with academics
  • Seek and accept leadership positions to build your decision-making skills
  • Be involved in society and local church ministries leading younger students
  • Polish your communication skills in both social and professional settings

Career-related Experiences

  • Seek godly counsel to make wise decisions on God’s calling for your life and place of service
  • Formalize your resume and use Career Services staff to review your resume
  • Include in your resume a Strengths section to summarize how you make a good fit for the job opening and how your liberal arts education has benefited you
  • Secure permission from individual references and share your resume with each as you prepare for interviews or graduate school interviews
  • Post your updated resume, cover letter, and list of references in Career Central
  • Attend the most relevant recruiting events and pray for God’s guidance
  • Use your resume to establish interview opportunities via your networking system
  • Integrate into each interview the use of your interview portfolio to show your fit for the job
  • Follow up each interview with a thank you note and a friendly phone call to check up on your progress in the hiring process
  • Try to secure employment with the best opportunity prior to graduation
  • Consider seeking employment close to church planters or small ministries that can use your support
  • Share your employment or additional education plans with Career Services

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