3rd Year – Polishing

A refining year that:01_20140416interior_design26

  • Complements your study with elective courses
  • Provides opportunities for hands-on experiences
  • Pinpoints potential employment opportunities


  • Refine your study skills and strengthen your GPA to reach your academic goals
  • Consider taking elective courses that relate to your career goals
  • Check out the value of graduate school to improve your level of preparation
  • Explore potential graduate school programs and schools and obtain applications
  • Prepare for and take grad school entrance exams (GRE, MCAT, GMAT, etc.)
  • Anticipate missing classes to participate in recruiting events and/or interview for internships and summer jobs

Abilities and Interests

  • Pursue God’s calling in light of your abilities and interests
  • Reassess your career goals by seeking godly counsel from your parents, pastor, and faculty advisor
  • Talk with recruiters about your abilities and interests in light of their employment opportunities
  • Use volunteer opportunities and internships to strengthen your abilities and confirm interests

Extracurricular Activities

  • Continue to participate in volunteer activities, internships, and part-time jobs
  • Narrow your involvement in volunteer activities by taking on tasks that develop your communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills
  • Seek and accept leadership positions in volunteer and work-related activities balancing them with your academics
  • Prepare for artist series and special productions by researching each in advance in order to gain the most from each experience

Career-related Experiences

  • Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your career plans and God’s leading02_20140416interior_design30
  • Expand your network of recruiters while narrowing down your better options
  • Attend a resume workshop & polish your resume, list of potential references and cover letter
  • Update your Career Central profile & establish search agents to identify openings
  • Begin developing interview skills by attending an interviewing workshop
  • Develop your interview portfolio of best works and experience-related visuals
  • Practice interviewing with advisor or peers to polish your presentation skills
  • Meet with visiting recruiters at displays to practice “get-acquainted interviews”
  • Interview with employers to secure internship or part-time work opportunities
  • Do internships and career-related part-time work to strengthen your resume
  • Consider employment opportunities near a church planter or small, struggling ministry
  • Begin preparing for graduate-level entrance exams if planning for graduate school

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