1st Year – Planning

A crucial year that:

  • Provides the foundation for your academic preparation
  • Explores various options related to your abilities and interests
  • Acquaints you with resources to aid you in your career planning


  • Start by doing well in your academic studies by completing assignments on time and by establishing appropriate study methods and test-taking strategies
  • Establish an appropriate quiet place to study with minimum distractions
  • Create a time management plan to schedule monthly, weekly, and daily activities
  • Meet regularly with your faculty advisor and teachers to receive academic advice
  • Check out the Academic Resource Center for help to improve your academic outcomes and line up a tutor if needed
  • Concentrate on your liberal arts requirements (i.e., English, Speech, Bible, History of Civilization, etc.) which provide the foundation for further academic development (i.e., communication and analytical skills)
  • Consider taking the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory available at the Academic Resource Center
  • Assess the appropriateness of your choice of a major based on your academic performance

Abilities and Interests

  • Identify your God-given abilities and areas of interests
  • Consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory available at Career Services
  • Discover career-related abilities using O’Net’s online skills assessment
  • Evaluate whether or not your major fits your abilities, interests, and career goals
  • Seek counsel from others concerning your abilities, interests, major, and career goals (i.e., parents, pastor, faculty, student leaders, Career Services)

Extracurricular Activities

  • Identify extracurricular activities to further develop your abilities and interests (i.e., campus organizations, fine arts groups or performances, society or intercollegiate competitions, etc.)
  • Explore and participate in volunteer activities that provide opportunities to expand your interests or outreach to others (i.e., extension, Community Service Council, Missions Advance, local church ministries, etc.)
  • Consider joining fine arts, choral, instrumental, dramatic groups, and athletic teams

Career-related Experiences

  • Formulate and discuss your career goals with your advisor and academic dean
  • Explore career opportunities related to God’s calling and your desired major
  • Consider summer jobs related to your major to further develop your skills
  • Log in and become acquainted with Career Central’s online job board
  • Attend major recruiting events observing how to interact and interview

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