Resume Book & Portfolio

Help Employers Find YOU in Career Central!

What is a Resume Book? Approved employers using Career Central may view the resumes of students who are seeking employment by using the “resume book” feature, which enables employers to search the resume book for candidates who might fit the position they have available and quickly connect with you.

What is a Portfolio? A portfolio allows you to communicate more information about yourself to potential employers. In addition to your resume, other documents can be included in the portfolio.

Using the Resume Book and Portfolio Features

STEP 1: Make your resume viewable to employers.

  • Check your privacy settings (my account/privacy)
  • Select “yes” for the “include in resume books” statement
  • Having a resume in the “resume book” allows the portfolio you create to be viewable by employers.

STEP 2: Upload documents and create your portfolio.

  • Under the Documents section, select “add new” to upload new documents.
    Give each document a meaningful title. When used in your portfolio, the title will be viewable by employers.
    TIP: Your documents will be automatically arranged in alphabetical order. If you would like to list your documents in a particular sequence, include a number before each document title ( 1. Cover Letter, 2. Resume, etc.)
  • If you have more than one resume, select the one you want to be included in the “resume book” and click the make default button.
    Be sure this resume is general in nature. For example, the profile section should not include the name of a particular employer.
    NOTE: Uploaded resumes will appear under your “pending documents” tab until Career Services has processed them.

View this page for a thorough review of how to create a Career Central ePortfolio.