Tips for Experienced Candidates

Resumes and Cover Letters

  • More experienced candidates may consider a two page resume (front/back when printed), but only if merited and if the second page appears to be full.
  • The Experience section of the resume should come before education if your college training is more than two years in the past.
  • Including a Skills or Strengths section in your resume is essential for more experienced candidates as opposed to being just optional for recent college graduates.
  • Experienced candidates should also include certificates of training and licenses earned in the Education section of the resume. An earned title (CPA, RN, PhD, etc.) can appropriately follow your name if your resume is to be used for a related opportunity.

Sample Resumes

References and Interview Portfolio

  • In preparation for an interview, give special attention to these issues in the “References” section:
    • Having a separate list of references available on request enhances the interview process.
    • Using an interview portfolio is strongly advised.
    • Having letters of references in your portfolio may be useful.


  • Give special attention to the following areas in the “Interview and Follow-up” section:
    • Interview Tips
    • Questions You Could Ask
    • Behavior Based and Stress Interviewing
    • Follow-up After Each Interview
  • When handling illegal questions, (How many kids do you have? etc.), respond according to the intent of the question. (i.e., If you are asking if I am able to make extended road trips, yes. I am able to accomplish the job assignments that we have discussed even when it involves overnight trips.)