Resume Checklist

checklistOverall Content

 Most important information at the top of the page in a profile or summary section
 No personal items such as photograph, gender, height, or birthday
 No typographical or grammatical errors
 Statements expressed in a consistent manner
 No personal pronouns, such as “I”
 Items spelled out instead of using acronyms
 No references (list on a supplemental page)

Overall Appearance

 Page filled but not overcrowded (one page preferred, additional pages fine for more experienced candidates)
 Sans-serif font type (Arial, Calibri) recommended with a minimum font size of 10
 Consistent format (bullets aligned, heading structure, and use of bold/capitalization)
 Reasonable margins, pleasant to the eye, easy to read

Heading & Contact Information

 Name at the top and stands out clearly from other text
 Complete mailing address (school and home information if appropriate)
 Phone number including area code; cell number preferred
 Email address (permanent email for graduating students)


 Career goal/job title identified in section heading or the first bullet pointcheckmark
 Employer or industry name included when sharing resume with specific recruiter
 Industry key words and job qualifications clearly addressed (refer to the required/desired qualifications listed in the job description)
 Key accomplishments included and tailored to job title/position


 Current degree work at Bob Jones University
 Degree and major listed before the school name
 Minor included, if applicable
 Graduation date specifying the month and year
 GPA if 3.0 or higher
 Study abroad or relevant coursework, if applicable
 Degrees from other institutions, if applicable; list only completed degrees or certificates
 Degrees listed in reverse chronological order
 Only higher education–no high school information


(May be organized into Related and Additional Experience sections)

 Job title, employer, and city/state for each position
 Dates for each position, including months and years
 Reverse chronological order according to end date (according to start date for experiences with the same end date)
 Positions described using bulleted statements, not paragraph format
 Descriptions are concise, direct, and accomplishment-oriented

  • Begin past job descriptions with past tense action verbs
  • Begin current job descriptions with present tense action verbs
  • Avoid complete or compound sentences

 Quantifiable results included where applicable
 Information relevant to the intended career field

Recommended Sections

 Strengths or Skills

  • Includes computer, technical, language skills, and character traits
  • Listed after the profile section at the top of the resume
  • Skills elaborated within the resume

 Leadership Roles and/or Honors

  • May include involvement in student or community organizationsleadership
  • May be organized into multiple categories to distinguish types of involvement
  • Focus on collegiate-level honors and above

 Activities or Community Service

  • May include description of activities or skills gained
  • Should represent sustained involvement rather than single time activities