4. Three Networking Essentials

  • Follow up with contacts. After you meet with contacts or potential employers, send a crossingpathshandwritten thank-you note that expresses your appreciation for their time. If a possible job opportunity came up during the meeting, be sure to express interest in that position.
  • Avoid general statements. When talking on the phone or meeting with contacts, avoid asking, “Do you know of any jobs or of people who could help me find a job?” A better question to ask is, “Do you know anyone else who might be helpful for me to meet?” Let them make recommendations after you have expressed your capabilities and interests.
  • Remember that networking goes both ways. To be most effective, both parties must be giving–just as with a friendship. If you focus on helping the company representative, he or she will likely remember you in the future. This advice also involves keep in contact with the company, not just asking for a favor when you need one.

Career Central Networking Tip:

Use the “Employer” tab in Career Central to find contact information for employers who have posted positions in the past. Network with these employers in advance so that when they have future needs they will already have your information.