2. Company Research

What companies match your self-assessment?Picture2

  • Use Career Central to research company profiles. Match what you are seeking to what companies offer.
  • Get involved with professional organizations related to your career field, whether in person, organizational newsletters, periodicals, or via LinkedIn.
  • Research jobs and companies on their company sites and thoroughly review their online information. Use the Better Business Bureau or a specific career organization to look up comments about a company. You can also search online for news articles or related research about the organization.
  • Complete an informational interview by calling the company and setting up an appointment.
  • Talk to your professors, peers and family for suggestions and to expand your knowledge of specific companies.
  • Make sure you research and keep track of potential salaries. Doing so will help you select certain companies or job titles if you have a specific budget.

“Researching Employers” — from NACE’s Job Choices, February 2013