1. Self-Assessment

What type of job are you seeking? How is the Lord leading in your life?

  • Check out this page on “Choosing a Major: Pursuing God’s Will” and apply it to this initial step in the job-searching process.
  • Create a list of your experiences, strengths, skills and interests.
  • Develop a concise introduction (“elevator speech”) of who you are, what you are doing, and what you are planning to do in the future. Keep it under one minute.
  • Share your introduction with friends, family and professional acquaintances as you broaden the network of individuals who can help you identify potential employment opportunities.
  • Develop your resume and share it with potential employers and recruiters as you introduce yourself, whether or not they currently have employment opportunities at the time of contact.


Use an Elevator Speech
Introduce yourself in one minute:

  • What–name, major, qualifications, experiences, and career goals
  • Who and Where–friends, relatives, teachers, employees, employers, recruiters at career fairs, company visits, cover letters, telephone calls, and email introductions
  • When–as often as possible throughout your college preparation and into the future
  • How–confidently with eye contact followed by use of good listening skills

Give the listener two options about how to assist:

  • By introducing you to someone in the organization who interviews candidates
  • By providing leads with whom to discuss your career goals and who can share with you how and where to find employment opportunities