Tips for Different Types of Interviews


Most common; do you have the skills, knowledge, abilities, and motivation.

Tips: Sell your strengths; ask what problems the supervisor is facing and then suggest
strategies to resolve the issues.


Social setting; how well do you handle yourself in a dining situation.dininginterview


  • Select your food carefully (light, healthy, easy to eat); not spaghetti; eat gracefully.
  • Check out this link for important tips


Used to determine if you meet minimum requirements (in person, by phone, or by video). Often by HR personnel with a written test.

Tips: Emphasize that you possess the desired skills and abilities; while on the phone – keep your portfolio handy; if by video – rehearse in advance.

Panelpanel interview

Performed by three or more department representatives with questions from their interests and expertise.

Tips: Respond directly to the person asking the question while maintaining eye contact with the group; send thank-you cards to each.

Peer Group

Interviewed by potential co-workers to determine if you will fit in.

Tips: Be agreeable and approachable; don’t appear to have all the answers.

Second Interview

Longer; sometimes 1 or 2 days; on-site; combination of the above.

Tips: Switch your focus from emphasizing your strengths to selling yourself as a well-balanced package; listen carefully and dispel any underlying concerns; show you have done your research and are able to make a dedicated contribution.

Successful Interviewing:

  • Do your research
  • Practice good communication skills
  • Be prompt and prepared
  • Act professionally and be enthusiastic
  • Ask for a business card for following up with a thank-you card
  • Review the process and your performance
  • Evaluate job choice

Job Choices (2004). National Association of Colleges and Employers, pages 40 and 42.