Telephone Interviewing

  • Prepare for a telephone interview as you would a face-to-face interview. Decide why you would be a good fit for the job and think of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make sure you are in a place with no distractions.
  • Have your resume handy for reference, as well as pen and paper to take notes.
  • Use a land-line if possible.
  • Be careful about your tone of voice. Make sure you smile as you talk — that positive attitude will come through over the phone.
  • Stand up to help yourself project a positive image and improve your phone presence.
  • Keep a glass of water nearby in case you need it.
  • Do not rush through answers. It is fine to have a moment or two of silence before you respond to a question.

Note: Refer to the Professional Correspondence guidelines on the Networking page for additional thoughts about telephone etiquette.