Skype™ Interviewing

Recruiters are using Skype™ to conduct out-of-town interviews, saving their organization time and traveling expenses. You should view a Skype™ interview much the same as a face-to-face interview. Preparation can make all the difference in helping to create a good impression and in solidifying your candidate status in the interview and hiring process.

Prior to lining up a Skype™ interview with a distant recruiter, it is best to establish a professional account name. Avoid having a casual or comical account name. If you do not wish to create an account, Career Services has an account that you can use; just let us know that you would like to use it when you contact us regarding setting up an appointment to use our equipment.

Planning the Interview Appointment with Career Services

1. Stop by the Career Services office (Alumni 205) or email to discuss the availability of equipment and interview office space.
a. A separate laptop, portable camera and free-standing, adjustable monitor are available to facilitate the interview process.
b. The portable camera will improve your eye contact and the impression you make during the Skype™ interview.
c. Career Services will provide log-in instructions for using the equipment in the interview office.

2. Set up interview times with the recruiter.
a. Note time zone differences and confirm the actual time.
b. Share Skype™ account names and decide who will initiate the call.
c. Establish in advance the capability to connect to the recruiter’s account.

3. Email Career Services ( to make a reservation.

4. Confirm the appointment with the recruiter.

5. Arrange a practice time if needed.

6. Set up at least 15 minutes in advance.

Before the Interview

1. Equipment
a. Be familiar with the equipment. If you use the interview office and equipment at Career Services, you can set up a practice time beforehand if you wish.
b. Confirm that the connection works and test the audio and video.
c. Adjust the camera’s location

2. Prepare for the actual interview. (Note interviewing tips here)
a. Research the company and jot down a list of questions you want to ask.
b. Dress professionally. Plan for business formal or business casual. Avoid bright colors or stripes.
c. Practice talking to a mirror to become comfortable with how you look.
d. Practice speaking with enthusiasm, but avoid big, fast-moving gestures; small hand gestures are fine.
e. Smile and nod your head when appropriate.
f. Practice your Skype™ interview with a friend or parent.

During the Interview

  • Confirm with the interviewer that your audio and video connections are working.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera; don’t move too fast; maintain good posture.
  • Keep in mind that the recruiter may be recording the interview for future reference. There may even be other people  in the room listening in, even though you cannot see them.

After the Interview

  • Close the connection and log out when you are done in order to avoid an embarrassing moment.
  • Promptly send a thank-you note to express appreciation and your level of interest in the opportunity.

Skype™ interviewing definitely facilitated my interaction with prospective employers and played an important part in helping me land a full-time job before graduation. Being able to see the recruiter’s facial expressions added an element to the interview experience that was not possible over the phone. Through the Skype™ interviewing setting arranged by Career Services, I was able to have a real job interview–minus the handshake.

–Peter McDowell, 2012 Graduate