Follow-up After Each Interview

As soon as the interview is over it is wise to make a follow-up contact with the recruiter communicating your level of interest or lack of interest in pursing the opportunity.


1. Always send a thank-you note immediately.

  • Handwritten or email (Pro-tip: A handwritten note will really get a manager’s attention.)
  • After each interview
  • The same day

2. Call back within 48 hours to see how things are developing. Communicate your interest in pursuing the position or your decision to decline and look elsewhere. If the recruiter mentioned a timeline in which they would contact you, wait for them to respond. If the deadline goes by and you don’t hear back, go ahead and send a follow-up note to check on the status of the process.

3. Ask if they need any additional information or personal references especially if they express interest in arranging another interview. Fulfill any requests asap.

4. Review what you learned from the initial interview and prepare for the next level in the interviewing process or for another interview with a different place of employment.

Interview Rubric