Behavior-Based Interviewing

Premise: Past behavior will predict how a person will respond to similar situations in the future.

Focus: How have you actively applied your skills? Can you demonstrate the desired capabilities in the real world?

Tips: Take your time; be detailed; allow the recruiter to see the whole picture – your thought process, decision-making skills, emotional state of being, and the results of your actions.

Sample BBI Questions:

  • Describe a creative or innovative idea that you produced which led to a significant
    contribution to the success of an activity or project.
  • Think of a situation where you distrusted a co-worker or supervisor, resulting in tension between you. What steps did you take to improve the relationship?
  • What was the most complex assignment you have had? What was your role?
  • Tell me about a suggestion you made to improve the way job processes and operation worked. What was the result?
  • What are three effective leadership qualities you think are important? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your past and current situation?
  • Give a specific example of a time when you did not meet a deadline. How did you handle the subsequent situation?

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