Career Workshops: Fall 2019

Resumes: The Art of Storytelling

Thursday, September, 12, 5pm in AL 205

Have you ever thought of writing a resume as storytelling? It is! A resume is part of your story, and writing one is definitely an art. Join us and learn how to tell your story and land the interview!

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Interviewing: The Rest of the Story

Thursday, September 19, 5pm in AL 205

What is missing from your resume? Additional information that you weren’t able to communicate in your resume provides the rest of the story to be told in the interview process. Join us and learn the four R’s of good storytelling that will help you land the job!

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Conducting a Successful Job Search

Tuesday, October 15, 5 pm in AL 205

Looking for a job? Don’t know where to start or which companies to pursue? Have you ever wondered how an employer views the job search process from his or her perspective? Bring your laptop and join us to learn how you can conduct a successful job search!

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Got the Job! Now What?

Tuesday, October 22, 5 pm in AL 205

Congratulations, you got the job! Are you ready for what comes next? What should you expect on the first day of work? What do you need to know to start off on the right foot and continue the good impression you made in the hiring process?  Join us and we can answer these questions and more!

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