Accounting Resume Tips

Accounting resume examples: 


  • KeyboardpicBegin with an introductory statement about who you are and your goals
    • State whether you are seeking an internship or full-time position
    • Indicate when you’ll be available to start (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall and the year)
    • Include your preference for audit or tax
  • List a summary of your related strengths and qualifications


  • Include your expected graduation date
  • Seniors: include 150 hour completion date (if applicable)
    • Perhaps include a bullet under the degree information indicating when you will be eligible to sit for the CPA exam
  • GPA
    • Overall GPA: Include if 3.0 or above (if the GPA is left off, it is presumed it is less than 3.0)
    • Accounting GPA: Include if significantly higher than your overall GPA

Experience & Activities

  • Employment: Include language about what you accomplished in the position
  • Strengthen your resume by including a section on accounting course projects as illustrated here.
  • Extracurricular & Volunteer: Did you lead activities? Who was helped? This helps the recruiter to understand if the activity was significant or whether or not it was simply a one-afternoon event.

General Tips

  • Font size 11 or 12
  • Limit resumes to one page—size it down to accounting-related experiences if needed
  • Avoid using fill-in-the-blank, preformatted templates
  • Highlight internships, including those done in the summer